Override vs Paramount - What's the difference?

override | paramount |

As a verb override

is to ride across or beyond something.

As a noun override

is a mechanism, device or procedure used to counteract an automatic control.

As an adjective paramount is

supreme; highest; chief.

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  • To ride across or beyond something.
  • To ride a horse too hard.
  • To counteract the normal operation of something.
  • The Congress promptly overrode the president's veto, passing the bill into law .
  • *
  • The needs of the windmill must override everything else, he said.
  • (programming, object-oriented) To define a new behaviour of a method by creating the same method of the superclass with the same name and signature.
  • How the cat runs is defined in the method run() of the class Cat, which overrides the same method with the same signature of superclass called Mammal.

    Usage notes

    * The form overrode is sometimes used as a past participle, in place of the standard overridden.

    See also

    * (programming) overload


    (en noun)
  • A mechanism, device or procedure used to counteract an automatic control.
  • A royalty.
  • A device for prioritizing audio signals, such that certain signals receive priority over others.
  • paramount



  • Supreme; highest; chief.
  • * (Francis Bacon)
  • A traitor paramount .
  • * {{quote-book, year=1963, author=(Margery Allingham), title=(The China Governess)
  • , chapter=20 citation , passage=The story struck the depressingly familiar note with which true stories ring in the tried ears of experienced policemen.
  • Of the highest importance.
  • Synonyms

    * highest * utmost