Overplay vs Overstate - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between overplay and overstate

is that overplay is and to overdo or overact one's effect or role while overstate is to exaggerate; to state or claim too much.




  • and To overdo or overact one's effect or role.
  • When Chris overacted''' his part again, the director warned that anyone ' overplaying would be barred from the next production
  • To present something in a manner more dramatic than necessary.
  • Although the play was wonderful, Joshua overplayed his role as the Beast.
  • To overestimate one's strength in a game or event, which ultimately may end in a defeat.
  • Jack won the last match of blackjack; Theo overplayed .
  • (golf) To accidentally hit (one's golf ball) beyond "the green".
  • The first few shots went wonderfully, but Robin overplayed the last and lost.




  • To exaggerate; to state or claim too much.
  • I think it is overstating matters to say that an hour online is spending all night on the computer.
    He was suggested not to overstate at the interview.


    * exaggerate


    * understate

    Derived terms

    * overstatement