Maid vs Ousie - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between maid and ousie

is that maid is maiden while ousie is (south africa|slang) a black woman, especially one who works as a maid.




(en noun)
  • (dated, or, poetic) A girl or an unmarried young woman; maiden.
  • Note - maid is often used in the common or species names of flowering plants.
  • A female servant or cleaner (short for maidservant).
  • * , title=The Mirror and the Lamp
  • , chapter=2 citation , passage=She was a fat, round little woman, richly apparelled in velvet and lace, […]; and the way she laughed, cackling like a hen, the way she talked to the waiters and the maid , […]—all these unexpected phenomena impelled one to hysterical mirth, and made one class her with such immortally ludicrous types as Ally Sloper, the Widow Twankey, or Miss Moucher.}}
  • (archaic) A virgin of either gender.
  • * 1380+ , (Geoffrey Chaucer), (The Canterbury Tales)
  • Crist was a mayde and shapen as a man.
  • * 1601 , (William Shakespeare), (Twelfth Night)
  • You are betrothed both to a maid and man.


    * (young female person) damsel, maiden * (female servant) handmaiden, lady-in-waiting, maidservant * (female cleaner) chambermaid (in a hotel), charlady (in a house), charwoman (in a house)

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    * bridesmaid * French maid * maid of honour * mermaid * old maid


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    (en noun)
  • (South Africa, slang) A black woman, especially one who works as a maid.
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