Orl vs Ort - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between orl and ort

is that orl is an (l) tree while ort is place, location.

As an adverb orl

is .



Etymology 1

was a phonetic addition in (etyl)); compare the (etyl) oryelle, as well as the (etyl) erila, the (etyl) erle, and the Modern (etyl) Erle.


(en noun)
  • An (l) tree.
  • (obsolete, rare, elliptically) (l)
  • Derived terms
    * (l) (angling)


    * “ Orl]” listed on page 205 of volume VII (O–P) of '' [1st ed., 1909]
    Orl,''' dial. form of ''olr'', ''alr'', Alder, the tree. [¶] [''c'' '''1440''', see Oryelle.] '''1747''' R. Bowlker ''Art of Angling'' 27 This Hedge ought to be made chiefly of Orls. '''1804''' Duncumb ''Hist. Hereford'' I. ''Gloss.'' (E. D. S.), ''Orl'', the wood alder. [¶] Hence '''Orl-fly''', ellipt. '''Orl''', the alder-fly, ''Sialis lutarius'', used by anglers. [¶
    '''1747''' R. Bowlker ''Art of Angling'' 69 The Orle Fly..is the best Fly to Fish with after the May Flyes are gone. '''1787''' Best ''Angling'' (ed. 2) 115 The Orl fly comes on the latter end of May and continues on till the latter end of June. '''1875 W. Houghton ''Brit. Insects'' 64 The well-known orl or Alder-fly (''Sialis lutarius ). * “ orl” listed in the Oxford English Dictionary (second edition, 1989) * “ orl, n.''” listed in the ''Oxford English Dictionary (third edition, September 2004)

    Etymology 2



  • That’s orl right.




    (en noun)
  • A fragment; a scrap of leftover food; any remainder; a piece of refuse.
  • *
  • *
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • (dialectal) To turn away from with disgust; refuse.
  • Anagrams

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