Olyfaunte vs Oliphaunt - What's the difference?

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Olyfaunte is an alternative form of oliphaunt.

As a noun oliphaunt is

(archaic|and|historical) elephant.

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Not English

Olyfaunte has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

English words similar to 'olyfaunte':

olivenite, oliphaunt, oliphant, olefiant



Alternative forms

* olifant, oliphant, olyfaunte, olyphant


(en noun)
  • (archaic, and, historical) elephant
  • * 1523 , John Skelton, “A ryght delectable treatyse upon a goodly garlande or chapelet of laurell” in Poetical Works of John Skelton , 1853, p 365:
  • The gander, the gose, and the hudge oliphaunt , / Went with the pecok ageyne the fesaunt;
  • * 1876',
  • * 1954 , ), Random House (1982), ISBN 978-0-345-33971-3, page 283:
  • ‘Were there any oliphaunts ?’ asked Sam, forgetting his fear in his eagerness for news of strange places.

    Usage notes

    * In current usage, this form is chiefly found in reference to the very large fictional elephants found in . ** (pedia)