Happening vs Occurence - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between happening and occurence

is that happening is something that happens while occurence is .

As a verb happening

is .

As an adjective happening

is (slang|of a place) busy, lively; vibrant, dynamic; fashionable.




  • *{{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-08, volume=407, issue=8839, page=52, magazine=(The Economist)
  • , title= The new masters and commanders , passage=From the ground, Colombo’s port does not look like much.


    (en adjective)
  • (slang, of a place) Busy, lively; vibrant, dynamic; fashionable.
  • This is a happening place tonight!
  • * 2005 , Wendy Lawton, Less is More , page 13,
  • “San Francisco is not exactly the most happening place, you know.”
  • * 2006 , Eliot Greenspan, Neil E. Schlecht, Frommer's Cuba , page 165,
  • When the show ends, the circular, sunken floor is one of the more happening dance clubs in town.
  • * 2011 , Bob Sehlinger, Menasha Ridge, Len Testa, The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2012 , page 157,
  • They're a little noisy if you open your balcony door but otherwise offer a glimpse of one of Disney World's more happening places.
  • (slang, of a person or product) Trendy, up-to-the-minute.
  • He is a real happening guy.
  • * 1987' November 16, Steve Gibson, ''Desktop Publishing, 386-Based Machines, ‘'''Happening ’ Trends at Comdex'', '' , page 42,
  • Every show has its hottest, most happening' trends. If I were to isolate just one for hardware and one for software, this year's hot hardware would be the 386 machines, and the ' happening software would be desktop publishing.
  • * 2009 , Nicola Williams, Oliver Berry, Steve Fallon, France , Lonely Planet, page 883,
  • Going strong since 2006, this ephemeral nightclub (it's open only for 50 nights each year, in July and August) has become the hottest ticket in DJ land, a combination of the most happening names in music and its spectacular setting at the heart of the Palais des Festivals.
  • * 2011 , Nicholas Gill, Christie Pashby, Kristina Schreck, Frommer's Chile & Easter Island , unnumbered page,
  • San Antonio is the newest, tiniest, and most “happening ” wine appellation in Chile, with just four boutique wineries that focus on quality, not quantity, producing fine pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, and syrah.


    (en noun)
  • Something that happens.
  • A spontaneous or improvised event, especially one that involves audience participation.
  • occurence