Defective vs Obnoxious - What's the difference?

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Defective is a related term of obnoxious.

As adjectives the difference between defective and obnoxious

is that defective is while obnoxious is extremely unpleasant, offensive, very annoying, odious or contemptible.




(en adjective)
  • Having one or more defects.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-03
  • , author= , title=The Smallest Cell , volume=101, issue=2, page=83 , magazine= citation , passage=It is likely that the long evolutionary trajectory of Mycoplasma went from a reductive autotroph to oxidative heterotroph to a cell-wall–defective degenerate parasite. This evolutionary trajectory assumes the simplicity to complexity route of biogenesis, a point of view that is not universally accepted.}}
  • lacking some forms; e.g., having only one tense or being usable only in the third person.
  • Usage notes

    * Nouns to which "defective" is often applied: merchandise, goods, part, component, product, equipment, gene, unit, construction, design, drug, memory, wiring, machine, device, instrument, hardware, software, vehicle.


    * faulty


    (en noun)
  • A person considered to be defective.
  • * {{quote-news, year=2007, date=January 15, author=Bernard E. Harcourt, title=The Mentally Ill, Behind Bars, work=New York Times citation
  • , passage=There were many more kinds of mental institutions at mid-century, ones for “mental defectives and epileptics” and the mentally retarded, psychiatric wards in veterans hospitals, as well as “psychopathic” and private mental hospitals. }}

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    Alternative forms

    * obnoctious (obsolete)


    (en adjective)
  • Extremely unpleasant, offensive, very annoying, odious or contemptible.
  • He was an especially obnoxious and detestable specimen of a man.
    Throwing stones at the bus is another example of your obnoxious behaviour.
  • (archaic) exposed to harm or injury.
  • * 1661 , , page 26,
  • To begin then with his Experiment of the burning Wood, it seems to me to be obnoxious to not a few considerable Exceptions.