Container vs Null - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between container and null

is that container is a big container made of metal while null is zero, nil; the cardinal number before einn.




(en noun)
  • An item in which objects, materials or data can be stored or transported.
  • A very large, typically metal, box used for transporting goods (also cargo container).
  • (by extension) someone who holds people in their seats or in a (reasonably) calm state.
  • (computing) A file format that can hold various types of data.
  • * 2011 , Cory Altheide, Harlan Carvey, Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools (page 187)
  • As the MP4 container can store audio, video, or both, the M4A naming and file extension is used to hint that this MP4 container holds solely audio information.
  • (computing, GUI) Any user interface component that can hold further (child) components.
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    (en noun)
  • A non-existent or empty value or set of values.
  • Zero]] quantity of [[expression, expressions; nothing.
  • (Francis Bacon)
  • Something that has no force or meaning.
  • (computing) the ASCII or Unicode character (), represented by a zero value, that indicates no character and is sometimes used as a string terminator.
  • (computing) the attribute of an entity that has no valid value.
  • Since no date of birth was entered for the patient, his age is null .
  • One of the beads in nulled work.
  • (statistics) null hypothesis
  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • Having no validity, "null and void"
  • insignificant
  • * 1924 , Marcel Proust, Within a Budding Grove :
  • In proportion as we descend the social scale our snobbishness fastens on to mere nothings which are perhaps no more null than the distinctions observed by the aristocracy, but, being more obscure, more peculiar to the individual, take us more by surprise.
  • absent or non-existent
  • (mathematics) of the null set
  • (mathematics) of or comprising a value of precisely zero
  • (genetics, of a mutation) causing a complete loss of gene function, amorphic.
  • Derived terms

    * nullity


    (en verb)
  • to nullify; to annul
  • (Milton)

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