Nowhere vs Nowhither - What's the difference?

nowhere | nowhither |

As adverbs the difference between nowhere and nowhither

is that nowhere is in no place while nowhither is (archaic) nowhere; to no place.

As a noun nowhere

is no particular place, noplace.




  • In no place.
  • Nowhere did the rules say anything about popcorn.
  • To no place.
  • We sat in traffic, going nowhere .


    * everywhere

    Derived terms

    * nowhere dense * nowhere dense set


    (en noun)
  • No particular place, noplace.
  • They went on a cruise to nowhere .
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  • Derived terms

    * all dressed up and nowhere to go * middle of nowhere * Nowheresville




  • (archaic) nowhere; to no place.
  • * 1843 , '', book 3, ch. I, ''Phenomena
  • This stuffed rump of mine saves not me only from rheumatism, but you also from what other isms ! In this your Life-pilgrimage Nowhither , a fine Squallacci marching-music, and Gregorian Chant, accompanies you, and the hollow Night of Orcus is well hid!
  • * 1913 , Clara Elizabeth Laughlin, The work-a-day girl: a study of some present day conditions
  • Other paths had looked as promising and had led nowhither . Nevertheless, she tried this one.