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As a noun canon

is .

As a proper noun norm is




(wikipedia canon)


(en noun)
  • A generally accepted principle; a rule.
  • The trial must proceed according to the canons of law.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Or that the Everlasting had not fixed His canon 'gainst self-slaughter.
  • (literary) A group of literary works that are generally accepted as representing a field.
  • (turn into real quote) "the durable canon of American short fiction" — William Styron
  • The works of a writer that have been accepted as authentic.
  • the entire Shakespeare canon
  • A eucharistic prayer, particularly the Roman Canon.
  • A religious law or body of law decreed by the church.
  • We must proceed according to canon law.
  • A catalogue of saints acknowledged and canonized in the Roman Catholic Church.
  • In monasteries, a book containing the rules of a religious order.
  • A member of a cathedral chapter; one who possesses a prebend in a cathedral or collegiate church.
  • A piece of music in which the same melody is played by different voices, but beginning at different times; a round.
  • Pachelbel’s ''Canon'' has become very popular.
  • (fandom) Those sources, especially including literary works, which are generally considered authoritative regarding a given fictional universe.
  • A spin-off book series revealed the aliens to be originally from Earth, but it's not canon .
  • (cookery) A rolled and filleted loin of meat.
  • a canon of beef or lamb
  • (printing) The largest size of type with a specific name, formerly used for printing the canons of the church.
  • (senseid)The part of a bell by which it is suspended; the ear or shank of a bell.
  • (Knight)
  • (billiards) A carom.
  • Derived terms

    * canon law * canonic * canonicity * canonical * canonise, canonize * canonisation, canonization * canonist * deuterocanonical * noncanonical


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    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) norme, from (etyl), from (etyl) .


    (en noun) (wikipedia norm)
  • That which is regarded as normal or typical.
  • Unemployment is the norm in this part of the country.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2011 , date=December 16 , author=Denis Campbell , title=Hospital staff 'lack skills to cope with dementia patients' , work=Guardian citation , page= , passage="This shocking report proves once again that we urgently need a radical shake-up of hospital care," said Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society. "Given that people with dementia occupy a quarter of hospital beds and that many leave in worse health than when they were admitted, it is unacceptable that training in dementia care is not the norm ."}}
  • A rule that is enforced by members of a community.
  • Not eating your children is just one of those societal norms .
  • (philosophy, computer science) A sentence with non-descriptive meaning, such as a command, permission or prohibition.
  • (mathematics) A function, generally denoted v\mapsto\left, v\right, or v\mapsto\left\, v\right\, , that maps vectors to non-negative scalars and has the following properties:
  • # if v\ne0 then \left\, v\right\, \ne0;
  • # given a scalar k, \left\, kv\right\, =\left, k\right, \cdot\left\, v\right\, , where \left, k\right, is the absolute value of k;
  • # given two vectors v,w, \left\, v+w\right\, \le\left\, v\right\, +\left\, w\right\, (the triangle inequality).
  • (chess) A high level of performance in a chess tournament, several of which are required for a player to receive a title.
  • Hyponyms
    * (mathematics) absolute value, p -adic absolute value, trivial absolute value
    Derived terms
    * * * absolute norm * adnorm * age norm * Banach norm * basic norm * Bombieri norm * Chebyshev norm * complex norm * copynorm * * Cr -norm * cross norm * Dedekind-Hasse norm * dual norm * ethical norm * Euclidean matrix norm * Euclidean norm * Euclidean vector norm * exonorm * extended norm * field norm * flat norm * four-vector norm * Frobenius matrix norm * Frobenius norm * Frobenius norm function * grandmaster norm * graph norm * Hardy norm * Hilbert-Schmidt norm * ideological norm * induced norm * ?-norm * integral flat norm * * * L-infinity norm * mass norm * matrix F -norm * matrix norm * matrix p -norm * maximum absolute row column norm * maximum absolute row sum norm * maximum norm * metric induced by a norm * minimum norm property * Minkowski norm * moral norm * natural norm * normable * normed * norm form * norm function * normic form * normie * normless * normlessness * norm of an ideal * norm of communism * norm of disinterestedness * norm of organized skepticism * norm of reaction * norm of reciprocity * norm of universalism * norm-referenced * norm-referencing * norm-residue * norm resolvent convergence * norm theorem * nuclear norm * operator norm * p -adic norm * peremptory norm * p -norm * polynomial bar norm * polynomial bracket norm * polynomial norm * pseudonorm * quaternion norm * reduced norm * regular norm * relative norm * semi-norm, seminorm * sexual norm * social norm * spectral norm * spinor norm * spinorial norm * statistical norm * subordinate norm * sup norm, sup-norm * supremum norm * tobacco-free social norm * T-norm, t-norm * trace norm * uniform norm * vector norm * vector p -norm

    Etymology 2


    (en verb)
  • (analysis) To endow (a vector space, etc) with a norm.
  • Derived terms
    * norming

    See also

    * normalize, normalise


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