Spam vs Nonspam - What's the difference?

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As a proper noun spam

is tinned meat made mainly from ham by hormel foods corporation.

As a noun nonspam is

electronic mail that is not spam (junk mail); legitimate e-mail.




  • (uncountable, computing, Internet) A collection of unsolicited bulk electronic messages.
  • * {{quote-magazine, title=No hiding place
  • , date=2013-05-25, volume=407, issue=8837, page=74, magazine=(The Economist) citation , passage=In America alone, people spent $170 billion on “direct marketing”—junk mail of both the physical and electronic varieties—last year. Yet of those who received unsolicited adverts through the post, only 3% bought anything as a result. If the bumf arrived electronically, the take-up rate was 0.1%. And for online adverts the “conversion” into sales was a minuscule 0.01%. That means about $165 billion was spent not on drumming up business, but on annoying people, creating landfill and cluttering spam filters.}}
  • (uncountable, computing, Internet) Any undesired electronic content automatically generated for commercial purposes.
  • (countable, rare, computing, Internet) An unsolicited electronic message sent in bulk, usually by email or newsgroups.
  • (tinned meat product)
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    Derived terms

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    * e-mail, email


  • (intransitive, computing, Internet) To send spam (i.e. unsolicited electronic messages.)
  • (transitive, computing, Internet) To send spam (i.e. unsolicited electronic messages) to a person or entity.
  • (transitive, by extension, video games) To relentlessly attack an enemy with (a spell or ability).
  • Stop spamming that special attack!
  • (transitive, intransitive, computing, Internet) To post the same text repeatedly with disruptive effect; to flood.
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  • Electronic mail that is not spam (junk mail); legitimate e-mail.