Chiromancy vs Nonscience - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between chiromancy and nonscience

is that chiromancy is divination performed by examining the lines in the palms while nonscience is that which is not science, or a specific non-scientific field.



Alternative forms

* Early modern English: cheiromancy, chiromancie, chyromancia, chyromancie, chyromancy


  • Divination performed by examining the lines in the palms.
  • * 1620 J. Melton Astrologaster
  • If they fore-tell things that shall happen by signes that they see in lines of a mans hand; then it is called Chyromancie...
  • * 1995 C. Walker Encyc. Secret Knowledge
  • Modern palmistry differs from the ancient methods in concentrating on what is called chirognomy at the expense of chiromancy .


    * palmistry

    Derived terms

    * chiromancer * chiromantic * chiromantical





    Alternative forms



    (en noun)
  • That which is not science, or a specific non-scientific field
  • *{{quote-book, 2002, Shelby D. Hunt & Dennis B. Arnett, chapter=Philosophical-Methodological Foundations, The Elgar Companion to Consumer Research and Economic Psychology, editors=Earl & Kemp citation
  • , passage=Relativists maintain that there are no fundamental differences between sciences and nonsciences .}}
  • A body, set, or system of information, methods, beliefs, and hypotheses (such as astrology or chiromancy) that does not use the scientific method as a basis for observation, or development of a theory.