Nonbad vs Nonbar - What's the difference?

nonbad | nonbar |

As an adjective nonbad

is not bad.

As a noun nonbar is

a location that is not a bar (drinking establishment).




  • Not bad.
  • nonbar



    (en noun)
  • A location that is not a bar (drinking establishment).
  • * 2002 , Kelly Hankin, The Girls in the Back Room: Looking at the Lesbian Bar (page 117)
  • Since Stonewall and second-wave feminism, nonbar space for lesbians within the public sphere has dramatically increased.
  • * 2010 , Jeffery T. Walker, Sean Maddan, Criminology and Criminal Justice (page 89)
  • Although this variable was not met by most of the establishments, enough other variables (and subjective observations) were met to confidently classify these establishments as bars rather than nonbars .