Cab vs Nj - What's the difference?

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As an initialism cab

is (us) (civil aeronautics board).

As a letter nj is

a digraph from the letters n and j.



Etymology 1


(en noun)
  • A taxi; a taxicab.
  • Compartment at the front of a truck or train for the driver
  • Shelter at the top of an air traffic control tower or fire lookout tower
  • Any of several four-wheeled carriages; a cabriolet
  • * 1877 , (Anna Sewell), (Black Beauty)
  • Captain went out in the cab' all the morning. Harry came in after school to feed me and give me water. In the afternoon I was put into the ' cab . Jerry took as much pains to see if the collar and bridle fitted comfortably as if he had been John Manly over again. When the crupper was let out a hole or two it all fitted well. There was no check-rein, no curb, nothing but a plain ring snaffle. What a blessing that was!
    Derived terms
    * cabbie * cabdriver * hackney cab * king cab * Hansom cab * sleeper cab * crew cab


  • To travel by taxicab.
  • Etymology 2

    From (etyl) .

    Alternative forms

    * kab


    (en noun)
  • An ancient Hebrew unit of dry measure, held by some to have been about 1.4 liters, by others about 2.4 liters.
  • * 1646 , Sir Thomas Browne, Pseudodoxia Epidemica , III.3:
  • Etymology 3


    (en noun)
  • (video games, informal) An arcade cabinet; the unit in which a video game is housed in a gaming arcade.
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    Alternative forms



  • A digraph from the letters N and J.
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