Liner vs Niner - What's the difference?

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Etymology 1

From line (verb).


(en noun)
  • Someone who fits a lining to something.
  • a liner of shoes
  • * 1973', A good '''liner has a pretty shrewd idea of the value of the painting he is treating and usually charges accordingly. — Kyril Bonfiglioli, ''Don't Point That Thing at Me (Penguin 2001, p. 41)
  • A removable cover or lining
  • I threw out the trash can liner .
  • The pamphlet which is contained inside an album of music or movie
  • Does it have the lyrics in the liner notes?
  • A lining within the cylinder of a steam engine, in which the piston works and between which and the outer shell of the cylinder a space is left to form a steam jacket.
  • A slab on which small pieces of marble, tile, etc., are fastened for grinding.
  • Etymology 2

    From line (noun).


    (en noun)
  • A large passenger-carrying ship, especially one on a regular route; an ocean liner.
  • * {{quote-book, year=1963, author=(Margery Allingham)
  • , title=(The China Governess) , chapter=Foreword citation , passage=He turned back to the scene before him and the enormous new block of council dwellings. The design was some way after Corbusier but the block was built up on plinths and resembled an Atlantic liner swimming diagonally across the site.}}
  • (nautical)  A ship of the line.
  • (baseball)  A line drive.
  • The liner glanced off the pitcher's foot.
  • (marketing, slang)  A basic salesperson.
  • (in combination)  Something with a specified number of lines.
  • * 2005 , G. J. H. Van Gelder, Close Relationships (page 130)
  • the following three-liner by an unknown poet
    Derived terms
    * ocean liner * one-liner

    See also

    * airliner



    Cardinal numeral

  • Used instead of nine' in radio communications to avoid confusion with ' five .
  • Something nine inches long