Nil vs Nig - What's the difference?

nil | nig |

As an initialism nil

is (nanotechnology) (nanoimprint lithography).

As a noun nig is

(offensive|racial slur) nigger.




(en noun)
  • Nothing; zero.
  • * 1946 , (Bertrand Russell), History of Western Philosophy , I.19:
  • As to Aristotle's influence on him, we are left free to conjecture whatever seems to us most plausible. For my part, I should suppose it nil .


    (en determiner)
  • No, not any.
  • * 1982 , Gavin Lyall, Conduct of Major Maxim , Hodder & Stoughton Ltd:
  • But after two or three hours and nil results, you have to accept that the trail is cold and you can't justify that level of manpower.

    See also

    * null * nil desperandum




    (en noun)
  • (offensive, racial slur) nigger
  • * 1959 , Don Robertson, The three days
  • He always thought one step ahead of the nigs .
  • * 1961 , Robert Hale Strong, A Yankee private's Civil War
  • In a field near the house was a nigger working a poor old broken-down mule and another nigger sowing wheat. When we came up, both nigs quit work and stared at us.
  • * 1967 , Frank Hercules, I want a black doll
  • What part did she play in your marrying a nig — a black man — nig, nig — Negro?


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