Anyway vs Neway - What's the difference?

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Anyway is an abbreviation of neway.

As an adverb anyway

is (obsolete) in any way.

As an abbreviation neway is

(internet slang) anyway.




  • (obsolete) In any way.
  • *, II.2.5:
  • He that sleeps in the day-time, or is in suspense, fear, anyway troubled in mind, or goes to bed upon a full stomach, may never hope for quiet rest in the night […].
  • (conjunctive) ; anyhow.
  • He didn't enjoy washing his car, but it was so dirty that he did it anyway .
  • (speech act) (Used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement). See anyhow.
  • I don't think that's true. I haven't found any evidence, anyway .
  • * 1962 , (Bob Dylan),
  • But I wish there were somethin' you would do or say / To try and make me change my mind and stay / We never did too much talkin' anyway / Don't think twice, it's all right.
  • (speech act)
  • *
  • Synonyms

    * anywise




    (Abbreviation) (head)
  • (Internet slang) anyway