Nepit vs Nat - What's the difference?

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Nepit is a synonym of nat.

As nouns the difference between nepit and nat

is that nepit is while nat is a spirit in burmese mythology, whose cult is followed alongside buddhism or nat can be logarithmic unit of information or entropy, based on natural logarithms.

As a adverb nat is

(obsolete) not.


Not English

Nepit has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

English words similar to 'nepit':

nift, naboot, nipt, nobbut




(Acronym) (head)
  • (Internet) A network function whereby one network address is rewritten (translated) to another address: Network Address Translation is frequently used to allow multiple network nodes (computers or inter-networked devices) to share a single internet (or local network) IP address. NAT may be used in "one to one", "many to one", or "one to many" types of configurations.
  • (Internet) A device that implements that network function; a NAT firewall.
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