Formation vs N - What's the difference?

formation | n |

As a noun formation

is formation.

As a letter n is

the letter n with a tilde.




(en noun)
  • Something possessing structure or form.
  • The act of assembling a group or structure.
  • (geology) A rock or face of a mountain.
  • (military) A grouping of military units or smaller formations under a command, such as a brigade, division, wing, etc.
  • (military) An arrangement of moving troops, ships, or aircraft, such as a wedge, line abreast, or echelon. Often "in formation".
  • The process of influencing or guiding a person to a deeper understanding of a particular vocation.
  • Synonyms

    * (military grouping of units) battle group, brigade group, task force, combat team * (military arrangement of forces) tactical formation, battle formation



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  • The fourteenth letter of the .
  • #
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    (Latn-script) * Preceded by apostrophe: 'n * Hiragana]]: [[? * (no) {{Letter , page=N , NATO=November , Morse=–· , Character=N , Braille=? }} Image:Latin N.png, Capital and lowercase versions of N , in normal and italic type Image:Fraktur letter N.png, Uppercase and lowercase N in Fraktur


  • alveolar nasal.
  • Sample size.
  • neutron
  • An arbitrary natural number.