Umuzungu vs Mzungu - What's the difference?

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Umuzungu is an alternative form of mzungu.

As nouns the difference between umuzungu and mzungu

is that umuzungu is while mzungu is (in some african countries) a white person.




  • mzungu


    Alternative forms

    * muzungu * umuzungu


  • (in some African countries) A white person.
  • * 1888 , Joseph Thomson, E. Harris-Smith, Ulu: an African romance: Volume 1
  • I have given my daughter to an mzungu , and he says he will make her like the wives of the white men.
  • * 2004 , Dan McNickle, Teaching and Hunting in East Africa
  • suspicion about an mzungu wanting a copy of the country's constitution