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As a proper noun russia

is russia.

As a noun muscovy is

muscovy duck.

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(wikipedia Russia)

Proper noun

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  • A country in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The Country extends from the Gulf of Finland to the Pacific Ocean, and was part of the USSR from 1922 to 1991. Co-official name - Russian Federation,'' formerly the ''Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic'' (RSFSR), Capital and largest city ''Moscow
  • (historical, informal) The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (a very common name, although more formally Russia, the RSFSR, was one of several constituent republics of the USSR).
  • (historical) The Russian Empire.
  • (historical, dated) Rus, the medieval East Slavic state.
  • (dated, countable) Any of several East Slavic states descended from the Rus, typically including Russia (Great Russia), Belarus (White Russia) and Ukraine (Little Russia or Kievan Russia).
  • *1842 , George Eliot, "Letter to Cara Bray", Selections from George Eliot's letters , page 24:
  • Or rather if I be attaining a better autocratship than that of the Emperor of all the Russias – the empire over self.

    Derived terms

    * Black Russia * Great Russia * Kievan Russia * Little Russia * Mother Russia * New Russia * Russia calf * Russia iron * Russia leather * Russia linen * Russia mat * Russia matting * Russian * White Russia

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    Proper noun

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  • The Russian territory around and ruled from Moscow by grand princes until it became the nucleus of a united Russia, which its dynasty ruled first as czars (kings) from Moscow, later as emperors from Saint Petersburg
  • Derived terms

    * Muscovian