Mudder vs Muddier - What's the difference?

mudder | muddier |

As a noun mudder

is mother / mamma (as in deine mudder "yo mamma").

As an adjective muddier is





(en noun)
  • A person who participates in MUD games
  • References

    *OED 2003




  • (muddy)

  • muddy



  • Covered with or full of mud or wet soil.
  • He slogged across the muddy field.
    Take off your muddy boots before you come inside.
  • With mud or other sediment brought into suspension, turbid.
  • The previously limpid water was now muddy as a result of the epic struggle.
  • Not clear; mixed up or blurry.
  • The picture is decent, but the sound is muddy.
  • Confused; stupid; incoherent; vague.
  • * Burke
  • cold hearts and muddy understandings
  • * Shakespeare
  • dost think I am so muddy , so unsettled
  • (euphemistic) Soiled with feces.
  • Verb

  • To get mud on (something).
  • If you muddy your shoes don't wear them inside.
  • To make a mess of, or create confusion with regard to; to muddle.
  • The discussion only muddied their understanding of the subject.
  • * 2014 , Steve Rose, " Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: a primate scream - first look review", The Guardian , 1 July 2014:
  • As the humans establish tentative bonds with their evolutionary cousins, the inter-species waters start to muddy .