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Happiness vs Motivation - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between happiness and motivation

is that happiness is the emotion of being happy; joy while motivation is (label) motivation.




(wikipedia happiness)
  • The emotion of being happy; joy.
  • * 1877 , ,
  • Yes, Aline, true happiness comes of true love, and true love should be independent of external influences.
  • (archaic) Good luck; good fortune; prosperity.
  • * 1643 , — , I-i
  • All happiness bechance to thee in Milan!
  • Fortuitous elegance; unstudied grace; — used especially of language.
  • Some beauties yet no precepts can declare, For there's a happiness , as well as care. — .


    * felicity (somewhat dated or formal) * blessedness (dated or religious) * bliss * joy

    Usage notes

    Happiness is generic, and is applied to almost every kind of enjoyment.


    * unhappiness * haplessness







    (en noun)
  • Willingness of action especially in behavior
  • The action of motivating.
  • Something which motivates.
  • An incentive or reason for doing something.
  • (advertising) a research rating that measures how the rational and emotional elements of a commercial affect consumer intention to consider, visit, or buy something.
  • The motivation scores showed that 65% of people wanted to visit our website to learn more about the offer after watching the commercial.

    Derived terms

    * intrinsic motivation * extrinsic motivation


    * (sense) The Advertising Research Handbook Charles E. Young, Ideas in Flight, Seattle, WA, April 2005 ----