Lazy vs Motivated - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between lazy and motivated

is that lazy is while motivated is (motivate).

As an adjective motivated is

enthusiastic, especially about striving toward a goal.

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  • Unwilling to do work or make an effort.
  • Requiring little or no effort.
  • Relaxed or leisurely.
  • (label) Of an eye, squinting because of a weakness of the eye muscles.
  • (label) Turned so that the letter is horizontal instead of vertical.
  • (label) Employing lazy evaluation; not calculating results until they are immediately required.
  • wicked; vicious
  • (Ben Jonson)

    Usage notes

    * Nouns to which "lazy" is often applied: person, man, woman, bastard, morning, day, time, way.


    * (unwilling to work) bone-idle, idle, indolent, slothful, work-shy * See also

    Derived terms

    * laze * laziness * lazybones * lazy evaluation * lazy eye * lazy Susan


  • (label) To laze, act in a lazy manner
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  • (motivate)
  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • Enthusiastic, especially about striving toward a goal.
  • We're looking for a highly motivated individual who will fit into our fast-paced corporate culture.
  • * 2001 , Norman E. Wallen, Jack R. Fraenkel, Educational Research: A Guide to the Process , page 177,
  • It seems reasonable to assume that academically able students are more motivated' toward academic activities than those less able, and that students from higher socioeconomic levels are more ' motivated toward school than those from lower socioeconomic levels.
  • * 2009 , J. Dan Rothwell, In Mixed Company: Communicating in Small Groups and Teams , page 373,
  • In every instance, she has expressed enormous frustration with social loafers—virtual group members whose lackluster motivation leaves the bulk of group projects to members who are more motivated to excel.
  • * 2010 , Leif H. Smith, Todd M. Kays, Sports Psychology for Dummies , page 47,
  • As an athlete, you'll feel more motivated when you're confident in your skill set and believe in your ability to continue to improve.