Inns vs Motel - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between inns and motel

is that inns is while motel is motel.




  • motel



    (en noun)
  • A lodging establishment typically featuring a series of rooms whose entrance is immediately adjacent to a parking lot, as might facilitate easy access to one's automobile during an overnight stay, particularly located near a major highway.
  • Of architecture, interior design, etc, in the style of a motel; identical and anonymous.
  • Adjective

  • Any of several architectural or interior design styles associated with motels, such as "identicalness''", "''anonymity ", or any other perceived attribute of motels, particularly as differentiated from hotels .
  • Characterized by an anonymous, temporary nature, as motel sex .
  • Property owned'' by a motel, as "''motel towel''", "''motel ashtray ", possibly imprinted or embroidered with the name of the establishment, frequently appropriated by tourists as a souvenir.
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