Archenemy vs Moriarty - What's the difference?

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As proper nouns the difference between archenemy and moriarty

is that archenemy is (christianity) satan while moriarty is of (etyl) origin.



Alternative forms

* arch-enemy


  • a principal enemy
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    * (l)

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    Proper noun

    (wikipedia Moriarty) (en proper noun)
  • of (etyl) origin.
  • ; by extension any such archenemy or nemesis.
  • :1997 Martha Nochimson, "The passion of David Lynch: wild at heart in Hollywood?"
  • ::The town of Twin peaks, suddenly not energised by its mammary setting, is narrated as a large chess board on which the action is completely defined by the competing logic of Dale Cooper and his Moriarty -like nemesis, Windom Earle.
  • A city in New Mexico