Monkied vs Monkie - What's the difference?

monkied | monkie |

As a verb monkied

is (monkey).

As a noun monkie is




Alternative forms

* monkeyed


  • (monkey)

  • monkey


    (wikipedia monkey)


    (en noun)
  • Any member of the clade Simiiformes not also of the clade Hominoidea containing humans and apes, from which they are usually, but not universally, distinguished by smaller size, a tail, and cheek pouches.
  • (label) A mischievous child.
  • Five hundred pounds sterling.
  • (label) A person or the role of the person on the sidecar platform of a motorcycle involved in sidecar racing.
  • (label) A person with minimal intelligence and/or (bad) looks.
  • (label) A face card.
  • (label) A menial employee who does a repetitive job.
  • The weight or hammer of a pile driver; a heavy mass of iron, which, being raised high, falls on the head of the pile, and drives it into the earth; the falling weight of a drop hammer used in forging.
  • A small trading vessel of the sixteenth century.
  • Derived terms

    * (menial employee) phone monkey, code monkey * brass monkey * capuchin monkey * grease monkey * green monkey * green monkey disease * monkey barge * monkey bars * monkey bike * monkey boot * monkey bread * monkey business * monkey dance * monkey drill * monkey-faced owl * monkey flip * monkey humping a football * monkey in the middle * monkey jacket * monkey motion * monkey nut * monkey orchid * monkey pole * monkey rum * monkey show * monkey spoon * monkey squirrel * monkey stove * Monkey Ward's * monkey orange * monkey pistol * monkey thorn * monkey wrench * not give a monkey's


  • (label) To meddle; to mess with; to interfere; to fiddle.
  • ''Please don't monkey with the controls if you don't know what you're doing.
  • * 1920 , , The Understanding Heart , Chapter XII
  • “As an inventor,” Bob Mason suggested, “you're a howling success at shooting craps! Why monkey with weak imitations when you can come close to the original?”

    Derived terms

    {{der3, code monkey , grease monkey , I'll be a monkey's uncle , make a monkey out of , monkey's uncle , monkey around , monkey bars , monkey boy , monkey business , monkey humping a football , monkey man , monkey meat , monkeynut , monkey trial , monkey up , monkey script , , monkeyshines , monkey wrench , New World monkey , Old World monkey , porch monkey , powder monkey , snow monkey , spank the monkey}}

    See also

    * ape * primate 1000 English basic words




    (en noun)
  • * William Shakespeare, Macbeth (act 4, scene 2)
  • Now God helpe thee, poore Monkie : / But how wilt thou do for a Father?