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Coaster vs Mongoose - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between coaster and mongoose

is that coaster is one who coasts while mongoose is carnivores of the family herpestidae and the similar famed as a predator of venomous snakes.




(en noun)
  • one who coasts.
  • Something that coasts, such as a sled or toboggan.
  • (label) A merchant vessel that stays in coastal waters.
  • (label) A sailor who travels only in coastal waters.
  • * 1881 , Symon's monthly meteorological magazine (page 59)
  • If you question a seaman on the subject, whether mere coaster or circumnavigator, he will tell you that in a snow-storm, because of its constant eddyings and gyrations, frequent trimming of sails is more necessary than in any other gale
  • A person who originates from or inhabits a coastal area.
  • A small piece of material used to protect the surface of a table, upon which one places cups or mugs.
  • A small tray on wheels, used to pass something around a table.
  • A worthless compact disc or DVD, such as one that was burned incorrectly.
  • (label) A rollercoaster.
  • (label) A (coaster trout) (brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis )
  • Coordinate terms

    * saucer

    See also

    * roller coaster



    (wikipedia mongoose) (Herpestidae) (Galidinae)


  • Carnivores of the family Herpestidae and the similar famed as a predator of venomous snakes.