Sabbath vs Monday - What's the difference?

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As a noun monday is

the first day of the week in systems using the norm and second day of the week in many religious traditions it follows sunday and precedes tuesday.

As an adverb monday is

on monday.



Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • The (l) seventh (l) of the (l), observed as a day of rest in (l), , starting at (l) on (l) till sundown on (l).
  • (l), observed throughout the majority of (l) as a day of rest.
  • (l), observed in (l) as a day of rest.
  • A meeting of , presided over by the devil. (Also: witches' sabbath or black sabbath).
  • * 1971 , , Religion and the Decline of Magic , Folio Society 2012, p. 419:
  • Around this conception was built up the notion of ritual devil-worship, involving the sabbath or nocturnal meeting at which the witches gathered to worship their master and to copulate with him.



    (Week-day names)


    (en noun)
  • The first day of the week in systems using the norm and second day of the week in many religious traditions. It follows Sunday and precedes Tuesday.
  • *
  • Mr. Whymper, a solicitor living in Willingdon, would visit the farm every Monday morning to receive his instructions.
  • * Solomon Grundy,
    Born on a Monday ,
    Christened on Tuesday,
    Married on Wednesday
    ill on Thursday,
    worse on Friday,
    Died on Saturday,
    Buried on Sunday.
    Such was the life
    Of Solomon Grundy.
  • Derived terms

    * Ash Monday * Black Monday * Bloody Monday * blue Monday * Clean Monday * Collop Monday * Cyber Monday * Ducking Monday * Easter Monday * Fat Monday * Gang-Monday * Green Monday * Handsel Monday * Hock Monday * Holy Monday * Meal Monday * Mon, * Monday Club * Monday disease * * Monday effect * Monday fever * Monday hammer * Mondayish * Mondayitis * Mondayise, Mondayize * Mondayman * Monday-morning * Monday pops * Mondays * Pentecost Monday * Plough-Monday, Plow-Monday * Pure Monday * Rope Monday * Saint Monday * Saturday-to-Monday * Selection Monday * Shrove Monday * Trinity Monday * Wet Monday * Whit Monday, Whit-Monday * Whitsun Monday


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