Kingly vs Monarchical - What's the difference?

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Kingly is a related term of monarchical.

As adjectives the difference between kingly and monarchical

is that kingly is majestic and regal while monarchical is of or pertaining to a monarch or monarchy.

As an adverb kingly

is in a royal manner.



Etymology 1

From (etyl) kyngly, from (etyl) *.


  • Majestic and regal.
  • * Sir Philip Sidney
  • * kingly magnificence
  • * Jonathan Swift
  • a kingly government
  • * Shakespeare
  • the kingly couch
  • * G. Massey
  • The kingliest kings are crowned with thorn.
  • * Cowper
  • Leave kingly' backs to cope with ' kingly cares.
    Derived terms
    * kingliness

    Etymology 2

    From (etyl) kyngly, from (etyl) *.


    (en adverb)
  • In a royal manner.
  • monarchical



    (en adjective)
  • Of or pertaining to a monarch or monarchy.
  • Although a socialist he did have monarchical leanings
  • Having sole or undivided authority.
  • *2009 , (Diarmaid MacCulloch), A History of Christianity , Penguin 2010, p. 133-4:
  • *:But in this contest of martyrs, it was Ignatius's passionate account of a monarchical episcopal ministry which set the pattern for the future.
  • Synonyms

    * monarchal, monarchial

    Derived terms

    * monarchical hero