Monadic vs Triadic - What's the difference?

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Triadic is a see also of monadic.

Monadic is a see also of triadic.

As adjectives the difference between monadic and triadic

is that monadic is (philosophy) of or relating to a monad while triadic is of or relating to a triad.




(en adjective)
  • (philosophy) of or relating to a monad
  • (chemistry) univalent
  • (biology) of or relating to the Monas genus of microorganisms
  • (mathematics) having an arity of one (taking a single argument or operand)
  • Derived terms

    * monadic predicate logic

    See also

    * dyadic * triadic * polyadic




  • of or relating to a triad
  • (obsolete) trivalent
  • (translation studies) describing interpreting that involves three parties, i.e., the two clients and the interpreter
  • * 2008 , Candace S├ęguinot, Translator and Interpreter Training: Issues, Methods and Debates , edited by John Kearns, Continuum International Publishing Group, p. 13:
  • The notion that one is doing a worthwhile job and the interpretation of just what kinds of intervention are possible are key in the issues of triadic interpreting...

    See also

    * monadic * dyadic * polyadic