Mollie vs Molly - What's the difference?

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Mollie is an alternative form of molly.

As nouns the difference between mollie and molly

is that mollie is any of many new world fish of the genus poecilia , formerly called while molly is a woman or girl, especially of low status.



Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • An alternative spelling of Molly, diminutive of the female given name Mary.
  • * 1955 , The New Yorker (Condé Nast Publications), volume 31, issues 13–25, page 34
  • It was a crack division by then, and probably the chief architect of its excellence, next to Eddy, had been a private named Warner and nicknamed Molotov, which was later shortened to Mollie .
    English diminutives of female given names




  • A woman or girl, especially of low status.
  • (slang) An effeminate male, a male homosexual.
  • (slang) Pure MDMA powder.
  • A fish of the genus Poecilia .
  • A mollemoke.
  • A female cat; a she-cat.
  • A molly bolt.
  • Derived terms

    * mollycoddle

    See also

    * guppy