Modify vs Shuffle - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between modify and shuffle

is that modify is to make partial changes to while shuffle is to put in a random order.

As a noun shuffle is

the act of shuffling cards.

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  • To make partial changes to.
  • To be or become modified.
  • Synonyms

    * adapt, alter, amend, revamp, rework


    * *




    (en noun)
  • The act of shuffling cards.
  • He made a real mess of the last shuffle .
  • An instance of walking without lifting one's feet.
  • ''The sad young girl left with a tired shuffle .
  • (by extension, music) A rhythm commonly used in blues music. Consists of a series of triplet notes with the middle note missing, so that it sounds like a long note followed by a short note. Sounds like a walker dragging one foot.
  • A trick; an artifice; an evasion.
  • The gifts of nature are beyond all shame and shuffles . — L'Estrange.


    * 1995 Mel Kernahan, White savages in the South Seas, Verso, p113 *: As I lay there listening to the strange night sounds, I hear the shuffle of someone creeping by outside in the grass. * 2003 Edmund G. Bansak & Robert Wise, Fearing the Dark: The Val Lewton Career, McFarland, p394 *: She has a crippled leg, and every time she walks we hear the shuffle of her crinoline skirt and the thumping of her cane. * 2008 Markus Zusak, The Book Thief, Pan Macmillan Australia, p148 *: Around her, she could hear the shuffle of her own hands, disturbing the shelves.

    Derived terms

    * to get / become / be lost in the shuffle


  • To put in a random order.
  • Don't forget to shuffle the cards.
    You shuffle , I'll deal.
    The data packets are shuffled before transmission.
    I'm going to shuffle all the songs in my playlist.
  • To move in a slovenly, dragging manner; to drag or scrape the feet in walking or dancing.
  • He shuffled out of the room.
    I shuffled my feet in embarrassment.
  • * Keats
  • The aged creature came / Shuffling along with ivory-headed wand.
  • * '>citation
  • To change; modify the order of something.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2010 , date=December 28 , author=Marc Vesty , title=Stoke 0 - 2 Fulham , work=BBC citation , page= , passage=But, rather than make a change up front, Hughes shuffled his defence for this match, replacing Carlos Salcido with Baird, in a move which few would have predicted would prove decisive.}}
  • To change one's position; to shift ground; to evade questions; to resort to equivocation; to prevaricate.
  • * Shakespeare
  • I myself, hiding mine honour in my necessity, am fain to shuffle .
  • To use arts or expedients; to make shift.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Your life, good master, / Must shuffle for itself.
  • To shove one way and the other; to push from one to another.
  • to shuffle money from hand to hand
  • To remove or introduce by artificial confusion.
  • * Dryden
  • It was contrived by your enemies, and shuffled into the papers that were seiz'd.

    Derived terms

    * deshuffle * reshuffle * shufflable, shuffleable * shuffle off this mortal coil * shuffle off * shuffle up * shuffler