Ambulatory vs Mobility - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between ambulatory and mobility

is that ambulatory is the round walkway encircling the altar in many cathedrals while mobility is (uncountable) the condition of being mobile.

As an adjective ambulatory

is of, relating to, or adapted to walking.




(en adjective)
  • Of, relating to, or adapted to walking
  • ambulatory exercise
  • * Sir H. Wotton
  • The princess of whom his majesty had an ambulatory view in his travels.
  • (comparable, medicine) Able to walk about and not bedridden.
  • an ambulatory patient
  • (medicine) Performed on or involving an ambulatory patient or an outpatient.
  • an ambulatory electrocardiogram
    ambulatory medical care
  • Accustomed to move from place to place; not stationary; movable.
  • an ambulatory court, which exercises its jurisdiction in different places
  • * Jeremy Taylor
  • The priesthood before was very ambulatory , and dispersed into all families.
  • (legal) Not yet legally fixed or settled; alterable.
  • The dispositions of a will are ambulatory until the death of the testator.


  • The round walkway encircling the altar in many cathedrals.
  • mobility



  • (uncountable) The condition of being mobile
  • (countable) A measure of the extent to which something is mobile
  • (countable) The movement of people or things
  • (uncountable) Ease of movement between economic conditions
  • Derived terms

    * mobility scooter * personal transportation mobility * social mobility * sustainable mobililty * urban mobility

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