Infinitesimal vs Minuscule - What's the difference?

infinitesimal | minuscule |

As adjectives the difference between infinitesimal and minuscule

is that infinitesimal is infinitesimal while minuscule is written in minuscules, lower-case.

As a noun minuscule is

a lower-case letter.




(en adjective)
  • Incalculably, exceedingly, or immeasurably minute; vanishingly small.
  • *
  • (mathematics) Of or pertaining to values that approach zero as a limit.
  • (informal) Very small.
  • Usage notes

    * Strictly, this adjective, like infinite, is incomparable, so more infinitesimal' and '''most infinitesimal are proscribed, especially in the mathematical sense. However, these forms do occur in informal usage, where the ''very small (but measurable) sense is most common.


    * See also


    * infinite * enormous


    (wikipedia infinitesimal) (en noun)
  • (mathematics) A non-zero quantity whose magnitude is smaller than any positive number (by definition it is not a real number).
  • Antonyms

    * infinity

    Derived terms

    * infinitesimal calculus * infinitesimally


    Alternative forms

    * miniscule (Originally a misspelling, but now so common that it has come to be considered an alternative spelling by many )


    (en noun)
  • A lower-case letter.
  • Any of the two medieval handwriting styles minuscule cursive and Caroline minuscule.
  • A letter in these styles.
  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • Written in minuscules, lower-case.
  • Written in minuscule handwriting style.
  • Very small, tiny.
  • * {{quote-magazine, title=No hiding place
  • , date=2013-05-25, volume=407, issue=8837, page=74, magazine=(The Economist) citation , passage=In America alone, people spent $170 billion on “direct marketing”—junk mail of both the physical and electronic varieties—last year. Yet of those who received unsolicited adverts through the post, only 3% bought anything as a result. If the bumf arrived electronically, the take-up rate was 0.1%. And for online adverts the “conversion” into sales was a minuscule 0.01%.}}


    * (written in minuscules) lower-case, small * (very small) microscopic, minute, tiny * See also


    * (lower-case) majuscule, uppercase

    Usage notes

    See the usage notes at miniscule ----