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As nouns the difference between macro and microcracks

is that macro is (programming|computing) a comparatively human-friendly abbreviation of complicated input to a computer program or macro can be (photography) macro lens while microcracks is .

As an adjective macro

is very large in scope or scale.

As a verb microcracks is


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Etymology 1

1933, from .


  • Very large in scope or scale.
  • Etymology 2

    1959, shortened form of macroinstruction.


    (en noun)
  • (programming, computing) A comparatively human-friendly abbreviation of complicated input to a computer program.
  • The pre-processor expands any embedded macro s into source code before it is compiled.
    Usage notes
    * Often used attributively; a macro language'' is the syntax for defining new macros; while ''macro expansion'' refers to the task of replacing the human-friendly version with a machine-readable version; a ''macro virus'' is a computer virus written in a ''macro language''. Individual macros are sometimes referred to as ''macro function s, particularly when they accept parameters. * The distinction between a macro language'' and a ''programming language'' is imprecise. Often a ''macro language'' is designed to allow one to customize one particular program, whereas a ''programming language is designed for writing entirely new programs. * Although a shortcut'' is particularly easy to use, widely supported, and designed for normal users, ''macro system s are normally designed for power users.
    See also

    See also

    * macro expansion * template

    Etymology 3

    1971, elliptical form of macro lens, from  + lens. Compare macrophotography.


    (en noun)
  • (photography) macro lens
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  • Verb

  • (microcrack)