Minch vs Mich - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between minch and mich

is that minch is (obsolete) a nun while mich is (military|us|initialism) (modular integrated communications helmet).



(The Minch)

Proper noun

  • A strait of Scotland, between the north-west Highlands and the northern Inner Hebrides.
  • Quotations

    * 1750 , Francis Grant, A Letter to a Member of Parliament Concerning the Free British Fisheries , page 21: *: The best Place for a Staple [of herrings], would be at Stornway'', in one of the ''Lewis'' Islands, which is a good Harbour, and there are many good Hands; also it lies open to the ''Minch'' , a Sea above sixty Miles over to the main Land of ''Scotland'', to the Southward of which lies the Isle of ''Sky , … * 1799 , Revd. James Headrick, On the Practicability, and Advantages, of Opening a Navigation Between the Murray Firth at Inverness, and Loch Eil, at Fort William'', section II ''Fisheries'', from ''Prize Essays and Transactions of the Highland Society of Scotland, Volume 1 , page 388: *: That extensive bason of sea, called the Great, and the Little Minch ; bounded on the west, by that chain of islands, called the Long Island , because they seem but one, when viewed at a distance; on the east, by the indented shores of Scotland: from the butt of the Lewis, to the Mull of Kintire, never fails to be filled, every year, with an immense body of herrings. * 1960 , Ewan MacColl, Singing the Fishing ( transcript): *: Come all you gallant fishermen,
    That plough the stormy sea
    The whole year round,
    On the fishing grounds
    Of the Northern Minch and the Norway Deeps,
    On the banks and knolls of the North Sea holes,
    Where the herring shoals are found.


    * North Minch




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