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Kidney vs Mettle - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between kidney and mettle

is that kidney is an organ in the body that filters the blood, producing urine while mettle is a quality of endurance and courage.



(wikipedia kidney)


(en noun)
  • An organ in the body that filters the blood, producing urine.
  • * {{quote-magazine, title=A better waterworks, date=2013-06-01, volume=407, issue=8838
  • , page=5 (Technology Quarterly), magazine=(The Economist) citation , passage=An artificial kidney' these days still means a refrigerator-sized dialysis machine. Such devices mimic the way real ' kidneys cleanse blood and eject impurities and surplus water as urine.}}
  • This organ (of an animal) cooked as food.
  • Constitution, temperament, nature, type, character, disposition. (usually used of people)
  • *
  • Falstaff: " &
  • 0133; think of that, – a man of my kidney, – think of that, …"
  • * L'Estrange
  • millions in the world of this man's kidney
  • * Burns
  • Your poets, spendthrifts, and other fools of that kidney , pretend, forsooth, to crack their jokes on prudence.
  • * '>citation
  • (obsolete, slang) A waiter.
  • (Tatler)


    * rein * nephros * ren

    Derived terms

    * kidney bean * kidney belt * kidney punch * kidney stone * kidney vetch * steak and kidney pie

    See also

    * renal * suprarenal




  • A quality of endurance and courage.
  • * 360 BCE , , Book VIII.
  • In the succeeding generation rulers will be appointed who have lost the guardian power of testing the metal of your different races, which, like Hesiod's, are of gold and silver and brass and iron.
  • * 1599 , '', act iv, scene 8 (''First Folio ed.)
  • By this Day and this Light, the fellow ha's mettell enough in his belly.
  • * 2001 , Harry J. Alexandrowicz, Testing your Mettle: Tough Problems and Real-world Solutions for Middle and High School Teachers , page xiii
  • Please read on and discover the issues in education that test the mettle of those who experience this world every day.
  • Good temperament and character.
  • * 1868 , , Bleak House
  • The arrival of this unexpected heir soon taking wind in the court, still makes good for the Sol, and keeps the court upon its mettle .
  • (obsolete) Metal; a metallic substance.
  • * 1837 , Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy , page 78
  • They have neither gold nor silver of their own, wine nor oyl, or scarce any corn growing in those United Provinces, little or no wood, tin, lead, iron, silk, wooll, any stuff almost, or mettle ; and yet Hungary, Transilvania, that brag of their mines, fertile England, cannot compare with them.


    * (quality of endurance and courage) courage, heart, spirit