Metre vs Femtometre - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between metre and femtometre

is that metre is the basic unit of length in the international system of units (si: système international d'unités) it is equal to (approximately 3937) imperial inches or metre can be the rhythm or measure in verse and musical composition while femtometre is 10-15 of a metre symbol: fm.

As a verb metre

is (british|rare) or metre can be (poetry|music) to put into metrical form.



(wikipedia metre)

Alternative forms

* meter

Etymology 1

From (etyl)


  • (en noun)
  • The basic unit of length in the International System of Units (SI: Système International d'Unités). It is equal to (approximately 39.37) imperial inches.
  • * 1797 , The Monthly magazine and British register , No. 3
  • The measures of length above the metre' are ten times ... greater than the ' metre .
  • * 1873 , The Young Englishwoman , April
  • A dress length of 8 metres of the best quality costs 58 francs.
  • * 1928 , The Observer , April 15
  • The 12-metre yachts ... can be sailed efficiently with four paid hands.
    Usage notes
    * This, rather than meter'', is the spelling adopted by the chose to use ''meter in accordance with the United States Government Printing Office Style Manual.
    * m
    Derived terms
    * cubic metre * metrology * metric * metre per second * square metre
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  • (British, rare)
  • Usage notes
    The standard spelling of the verb meaning to measure'' is meter''' throughout the English-speaking world. The use of the spelling ' metre for this sense (outside music and poetry) is possibly mis-spelling.

    Etymology 2

    From (etyl), from (etyl) metrum, from (etyl) See


  • (en noun) (British, Canada)
  • The rhythm or measure in verse and musical composition.
  • Verb

  • (poetry, music) To put into metrical form.
  • See also
    * metronome * metric *


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    Alternative forms

    * (US ) femtometer


    (en noun)
  • 10-15 of a metre. Symbol: fm
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