Maverick vs Meter - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between maverick and meter

is that maverick is an unbranded range animal while meter is meter (unit of measure, 100 cm).

As an adjective maverick

is showing independence in thoughts or actions.




(en adjective)
  • Showing independence in thoughts or actions.
  • He made a maverick decision.
    He is a maverick person.


    (en noun)
  • An unbranded range animal.
  • * Around 1900 , O Henry,
  • Long Bill was a graduate of the camp and trail. Luck and thrift, a cool head, and a telescopic eye for mavericks had raised him from cowboy to be a cowman.
  • One who does not abide by rules.
  • One who creates or uses unconventional and/or controversial ideas or practices.
  • Florence Nightingale would have been perceived as a maverick during her early career, because she was prioritizing hygiene when everybody else involved in healthcare was focused on other things, such as surgery and pills.'' (Source: Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh, ''Trick or Treatment , 2008, p. 36-37.)
  • (poker slang) A queen and a jack as a starting hand in
  • Synonyms

    * (one who does not abide by rules) individualist, lone gunman, nonconformist, rebel

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    * Weisenberg, Michael (2000) The Official Dictionary of Poker. MGI/Mike Caro University. ISBN 978-1880069523 English eponyms



    Alternative forms

    * metre (Commonwealth English for noun senses 4 to 7, rare for other senses)


    (en noun)
  • (always meter ) A device that measures things.
  • (always meter ) A parking meter or similar device for collecting payment.
  • gas meter
  • (always meter ) (dated) One who metes or measures.
  • (chiefly, US, elsewhere metre) The base unit of length in the International System of Units (SI), conceived of as 1/10000000 of the distance from the North Pole to the Equator, and now defined as the distance light will travel in a vacuum in 1/299792458 second.
  • * {{quote-magazine, year=2013, month=May-June, author= William E. Conner
  • , title= An Acoustic Arms Race , volume=101, issue=3, page=206-7, magazine=(American Scientist) , passage=Earless ghost swift moths become “invisible” to echolocating bats by forming mating clusters close (less than half a meter ) above vegetation and effectively blending into the clutter of echoes that the bat receives from the leaves and stems around them.}}
  • (chiefly, US, elsewhere metre) (music) An increment of music; the overall rhythm; particularly, the number of beats in a measure.
  • (chiefly, US, elsewhere metre, prosody) The rhythm pattern in a poem.
  • (chiefly, US, elsewhere metre) A line above or below a hanging net, to which the net is attached in order to strengthen it.
  • (obsolete) A poem.
  • Derived terms

    * altimeter * centimeter * common meter * feed the meter * kilometer * long meter * metric * metrical * millimeter * odometer * pedometer * pentameter * short meter * spectropolarimeter * tachymeter * tetrameter


    (en verb)
  • to measure with a metering device.
  • to imprint a postage mark with a postage meter
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