Mediate vs Intercede - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between mediate and intercede

is that mediate is to resolve differences, or to bring about a settlement, between conflicting parties while intercede is to plead on someone else's behalf.

As a adjective mediate

is acting through a mediating agency.

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  • To resolve differences, or to bring about a settlement, between conflicting parties.
  • To intervene between conflicting parties in order to resolve differences or bring about a settlement.
  • To divide into two equal parts.
  • (Holder)
  • To act as an intermediary causal or communicative agent; convey
  • Adjective

  • Acting through a mediating agency.
  • * (Oliver Sacks)
  • Vygotsky saw the development of language and mental powers as neither learned, in the ordinary way, nor emerging epigenetically, but as being social and mediate in nature, as arising from the interaction of adult and child, and as internalizing the cultural instrument of language for the processes of thought.
  • Intermediate between extremes.
  • (Prior)
  • Gained or effected by a medium or condition.
  • (Francis Bacon)
  • * Sir W. Hamilton
  • An act of mediate knowledge is complex.

    Derived terms

    * mediately




  • To plead on someone else's behalf.
  • To act as a mediator in a dispute; to arbitrate or mediate.
  • * Milton
  • I to the lords will intercede , not doubting their favourable ear.
  • To pass between; to intervene.
  • * Sir M. Hale
  • He supposed that a vast period interceded between that origination and the age wherein he lived.