Meddler vs Tinkerer - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between meddler and tinkerer

is that meddler is one who meddles or interferes in something not of their concern while tinkerer is agent noun of tinker; one who tinkers with things.




(en noun)
  • One who meddles or interferes in something not of their concern.
  • * 1759 , Adam Smith, The theory of moral sentiments
  • The prudent man is not willing to subject himself to any responsibility which his duty does not impose upon him. He is not a bustler in business where he has no concern; is not a meddler in other people’s affairs; is not a professed counsellor or adviser, who obtrudes his advice where nobody is asking it.
  • * 1868 , Horatio Alger, Struggling Upward
  • “Yes, Mr. Coleman, I have,” answered Luke steadily. “I thought it my duty to inform this man of your character. I have advised him to put his money into a savings-bank.”
    “Curse you for an impertinent meddler !” said Coleman wrathfully. “I’ll get even with you for this!”
    “You can do as you please,” said Luke calmly.
  • * 1934 , H. P. Lovecraft,
  • “Stop!” The hoarse, oddly alien voice of the Swami held a tone beyond all mere earthly fright “I told you there was another form of proof which I could give if necessary, and I warned you not to provoke me to it. This red-faced old meddler is right; I’m not really an East Indian. This face is a mask, and what it covers is not human.”


    * busybody * kibitzer * marplot * nosey parker

    See also

    * gatecrasher, interloper, peeping tom, persona non grata, encroacher, backseat driver, intruder, buttinsky




    (en noun)
  • Agent noun of tinker; one who tinkers with things.
  • A meddler.