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As a noun terms

is .

As an adjective matutine is

of or relating to early morning; occurring in the early morning; matutinal.




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  • Of or relating to early morning; occurring in the early morning; matutinal.
  • * 1833', Captain Mundy, ''Pen and Pencil Sketches, from the Journal of a Tour in India'', quoted in '''1833 , ''Recent Travels in Upper India'', ''The Edinburgh Review, Or Critical Journal , Volume 57, page 362,
  • During a residence of nearly two years in Switzerland, the first object that my eyes opened upon every morning was the snow-clad summit of Mount Blanc; and I thought that a glorious sight. But the glaciers that now form, next to the Omnipotent Being who created them, my first objects of matutine contemplation, present a battalion of icy pinnacles, amogst which Mount Blanc, with its pitiful fifteen thousand feet, would scarcely be admitted in the rear rank!
  • (astrology) Before the sun (of the rising of a planet or star''); that rises before the sun (''of a planet or star ).
  • * 1817 , , The New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology , Volume 2, Revised Edition, 1822 printing, page 1031,
  • If, at the time of the matutine' ?etting of the Dolphin, there be ?howers, there will be none at the ri?ing of Arcturus.The ' matutine ri?ing of the greater Dog begetteth heat, troubleth the ?eas, and changeth all things.
  • * 1975 , , Jean Rhys Bram (translator), Ancient Astrology Theory And Practice: Matheseos libri VIII , page 39,
  • Matutine' planets are those which in their rising precede the Sun.We must also know in what conditions the ' matutine star rejoices and in what the vespertine star rejoices, for they are protected in a favorable position whenever they precede the Sun.
  • * 1990 , George Noonan, Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology , page 14,
  • The star indicates much trouble for the native in whose chart it is matutine' rising or setting, but if the aspect is ' matutine culmination Arcturus brings riches and honor.


    * matutinal

    Coordinate terms

    * vespertine * (that rises before the sun) vespertine