Stats vs Maths - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between stats and maths

is that stats is (informal|in the singular) a short form of statistics (the subject ) while maths is (informal|uk|except canada).




  • (informal, in the singular) A short form of statistics (the subject ).
  • Stats is one of her favourite subjects at school.
  • (informal, in the plural) A short form of statistics (data, figures )
  • What do the stats tell us?



    Alternative forms

    * math (North America) * mathematics


    (-) (always singular )
  • (informal, UK, except Canada)
  • * 1980' August 21, ''Girls can do '''maths as well as boys'', '' , page 586,
  • The conventional “commonsense” view now is that girls are conditioned both by family and teachers to believe that maths is a subject at which males excel, and that they believe they cannot be expected to comprehend its subtleties — so they don?t.
  • * 2004 , Miraca U.M. Gross, Exceptionally Gifted Children , page 229,
  • At age 10, Ian was based with the Grade 6 students but was allowed to take maths with Grade 10 – a four-year grade advancement.
  • * 2011 , Clifford Matthews, IMechE Engineers? Databook , Fourth edition, John Wiley & Sons, page 40,
  • Most people who are forced to use maths have little idea what it is really about.