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Alternative forms

* statisticks (obsolete)


  • (singular in construction) A mathematical science concerned with data collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation.
  • *{{quote-magazine, date=2012-01
  • , author=Robert L. Dorit , title=Rereading Darwin , volume=100, issue=1, page=23 , magazine= citation , passage=We live our lives in three dimensions for our threescore and ten allotted years. Yet every branch of contemporary science, from statistics to cosmology, alludes to processes that operate on scales outside of human experience: the millisecond and the nanometer, the eon and the light-year.}}
    Statistics is the only mathematical field required for many social sciences.
  • (plural in construction) A systematic collection of data on measurements or observations, often related to demographic information such as population counts, incomes, population counts at different ages, etc.
  • The statistics from the Census for apportionment are available.
  • English plurals
  • Synonyms

    * stats (informal)

    Derived terms

    (terms derived from statistics) * applied statistics * astrostatistics * biostatistics * defense-independent pitching statistics * descriptive statistics * geostatistics * inferential statistics * lexicostatistics * mathematical statistics * parastatistics * phonostatistics * photostatistics * statistician * stats * stylostatistics * superstatistics * thermostatistics * vital statistics

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