Massachusetts vs Princeton - What's the difference?

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Proper noun

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  • A (USstate) Capital: Boston.
  • Derived terms

    * MA * Massachusettsan * Massachusettsian * Massachusite

    See also

    * * Bay Stater


    * William Bright, Native American Placenames of the United States (2004)



    Proper noun

    (wikipedia Princeton) (en proper noun)
  • A town in British Columbia, Canada
  • A CDP in California
  • A CDP in Florida
  • A city in Illinois
  • A city in Indiana
  • A city in Iowa
  • A city in Kansas
  • A city in Kentucky
  • A town in Maine
  • A town in Massachusetts
  • A city in Minnesota
  • A city in Missouri
  • A settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • A town in New Jersey
  • A private university in the aforementioned New Jersey town
  • A town in North Carolina
  • A community in Ontario
  • A CDP in South Carolina
  • A city in Texas
  • A city in West Virginia
  • A city and a town in Wisconsin