Murry vs Marry - What's the difference?

murry | marry |

As a noun murry

is moray eel.

As a verb marry is

to enter into the conjugal or connubial state; to take a husband or a wife.

As an interjection marry is

(obsolete) indeed!, in truth!; a term of asseveration.




  • moray eel
  • (Webster 1913)



    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) marien, from (etyl) marier, from (etyl) .(ae)J.P. Mallory and D.Q. Adams, Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture , s.v. "woman" (London: Dearborn Fitzroy, 1997), 656.)


  • To enter into the conjugal or connubial state; to take a husband or a wife.
  • Neither of her daughters showed any desire to marry .
  • * 1641', Evelyn, ''Diary'', quoted in '''1869 by Edward J. Wood in ''The Wedding Day in All Ages and Countries , volume 2, page 241:
  • Evelyn, in his "Diary," under date 1641, says that at Haerlem "they showed us a cottage where, they told us, dwelt a woman who had been married to her twenty-fifth husband, and, being now a widow, was prohibited to marry in future; "
  • * 1755 , The Holy Bible, both Old and New Testament, Digested, Illustrated, and Explained , second edition, page 59:
  • But Esau'', being now forty years of age, took a false step by marrying not only without his parents consent; but with two wives, daughters of the ''Hittites .
  • (in passive) To be joined (to) (someone) as spouse according to law or custom.
  • She was not happily married .
    His daughter was married some five years ago to a tailor's apprentice.
  • To arrange for the marriage of; to give away as wife or husband.
  • * 1526 , William Tyndale, trans. Bible , Matthew XXIII:
  • The kyngdome of heven is lyke unto a certayne kinge, which maryed his sonne [...].
    He was eager to marry his daughter to a nobleman.
  • To take as husband or wife.
  • In some cultures, it is acceptable for an uncle to marry his niece.
  • (figuratively) To unite; to join together into a close union.
  • The attempt to marry medieval plainsong with speed metal produced interesting results.
  • * (rfdate), Bible (KJV), Jeremiah 3.14:
  • Turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord; for I am married unto you.
  • To unite in wedlock or matrimony; to perform the ceremony of joining spouses; to bring about a marital union according to the laws or customs of a place.
  • A justice of the peace will marry Jones and Smith.
  • * (rfdate), Gay, The what d'ye call it :
  • Tell him that he shall marry the couple himself.
  • (nautical) To place (two ropes) alongside each other so that they may be grasped and hauled on at the same time.
  • (nautical) To join (two ropes) end to end so that both will pass through a block.
  • Synonyms
    * get married * wed * dowrying
    * divorce
    Derived terms
    * * married sector

    Etymology 2

    From (etyl) Marie, referring to Mary, the Virgin Mary.(marry) Mid-14th century.


  • (obsolete) indeed!, in truth!; a term of asseveration.
  • * William Shakespeare, King Henry IV, Part ii , Act 1, Scene 2,
  • I have chequed him for it, and the young lion repents; marry , not in ashes and sackcloth, but in new silk and old sack.