Write vs Manuscribe - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between write and manuscribe

is that write is (lb) to form letters, words or symbols on a surface in order to communicate while manuscribe is (archaic) to write by hand.

As a noun write

is (computing) the operation of storing data, as in memory or onto disk.




  • (lb) To form letters, words or symbols on a surface in order to communicate.
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  • (lb) To be the author of (a book, article, poem, etc.).
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  • *:Thus, when he drew up instructions in lawyer language; his clerks, however, understood him very well. If he had written a love letter, or a farce, or a ballade , or a story, no one, either clerks, or friends, or compositors, would have understood anything but a word here and a word there.
  • (lb) To send written information to.
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  • (lb) To show (information, etc) in written form.
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  • (lb) To be an author.
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  • To record (data) mechanically or electronically.
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  • To fill in, to complete using words.
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  • To impress durably; to imprint; to engrave.
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  • To make known by writing; to record; to prove by one's own written testimony; often used reflexively.
  • *(John Milton) (1608-1674)
  • *:He who writes himself by his own inscription is like an ill painter, who, by writing on a shapeless picture which he hath drawn, is fain to tell passengers what shape it is, which else no man could imagine.
  • Synonyms

    * inscribe, scrawl (indistinctly), scribble (quickly or imprecisely) * (be the author of) author, pen * to post * display, indicate, mark, show * save, store * See also


    * load, read, retrieve

    Derived terms

    * bewrite * co-write * hand-written * nothing to write home about * overwrite * rewrite * that's all she wrote * underwrite * who writes this stuff? * write down, write-down * write head * write in, write-in * write off, write-off * write once * * write one's own ticket * write-only * write out * writer * write up, write-up * writing


    (en noun)
  • (computing) The operation of storing data, as in memory or onto disk.
  • How many writes per second can this hard disk handle?
  • * 2006 , MySQL administrator's guide and language reference (page 393)
  • In other words, the system can do 1200 reads per second with no writes , the average write is twice as slow as the average read, and the relationship is linear.


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  • (archaic) To write by hand.
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