Franchise vs Mainstream - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between franchise and mainstream

is that franchise is franchise while mainstream is mainstream.



Etymology 1

From (etyl), from (etyl) . More at (l).


  • A right or privilege officially granted to a person, a group of people, or a company by a government.
  • * W. H. Seward
  • Election by universal suffrage, as modified by the Constitution, is the one crowning franchise of the American people.
  • An acknowledgment of a corporation's existence and ownership.
  • The authorization granted by a company to sell or distribute its goods or services in a certain area.
  • McDonalds has exported its franchise .
  • A business operating under such authorization, a franchisee.
  • A legal exemption from jurisdiction.
  • The membership of a corporation or state; citizenship.
  • The right to vote at a public election.
  • The district or jurisdiction to which a particular privilege extends; the limits of an immunity; hence, an asylum or sanctuary.
  • * London Encyc.
  • Churches and monasteries in Spain are franchises for criminals.
  • (sports) The collection of organizations in the history of a sports team; the tradition of a sports team as an entity, extending beyond the contemporary organization.
  • The Whalers' home city of Hartford was one of many for the franchise .
  • (business, marketing) The positive influence on the buying behavior of customers exerted by the reputation of a company or a brand.
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • The loose collection of fictional works pertaining to a particular universe, including literary, film or television series from various sources.
  • the Star Wars franchise
  • Exemption from constraint or oppression; freedom; liberty.
  • (Spenser)
  • (obsolete) Magnanimity; generosity; liberality; frankness; nobility.
  • (Chaucer)
    * (business operating under franchise) franchisee
    Derived terms
    * franchisal * franchisee * franchise player * franchiser * franchise records * franchisor

    Etymology 2

    From (etyl) franchisen, fraunchisen, from (etyl) . More at (l).


  • To confer certain powers on; grant a franchise to; authorize.
  • (rare) To set free; invest with a franchise or privilege; enfranchise.
  • mainstream


    (en adjective)
  • Used or accepted broadly rather than by a tiny fraction of a population or market.
  • They often carry stories you won't find in the mainstream media.


    * (used or accepted broadly) common, usual, widespread, conventional

    Coordinate terms

    * fringe


    (en noun)
  • That which is common; the norm.
  • His ideas were well outside the mainstream , but he presented them intelligently, and we were impressed if not convinced.

    Derived terms



    (en verb)
  • To educate (a disabled student) together with non-disabled students.
  • Mainstreaming''' has become more common in recent years, as studies have shown that many '''mainstreamed''' students with mild learning disabilities learn better than their non-'''mainstreamed counterparts.
  • To popularize, to normalize, to render .