Demure vs Maidenlike - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between demure and maidenlike

is that demure is quiet, modest, reserved, sober, or serious while maidenlike is like a maiden; gentle, demure.

As a verb demure

is (obsolete) to look demurely.




(en adjective)
  • Quiet, modest, reserved, sober, or serious.
  • She is a demure young lady.
  • * W. Black
  • Nan was very much delighted in her demure way, and that delight showed itself in her face and in her clear bright eyes.
  • * '>citation
  • Affectedly modest, decorous, or serious; making a show of gravity.
  • * L'Estrange
  • A cat lay, and looked so demure , as if there had been neither life nor soul in her.
  • * Miss Mitford
  • Miss Lizzy, I have no doubt, would be as demure and coquettish, as if ten winters more had gone over her head.

    Derived terms

    * demureness


  • (obsolete) To look demurely.
  • Your wife Octavia, with her modest eyes... shall acquire no Honour Demuring upon me.'' – Shakespeare (1623) ''Antony & Cleopatra Act 4, Sc 16, Ln 30




    (en adjective)
  • Like a maiden; gentle, demure.
  • *, II.15:
  • *:Whereto serves this mayden-like bashfulnessebut to increase a desire and endeare a longing in us to vanquish, to gourmandize, and at our pleasure to dispose all this squeamish ceremonie, and all these peevish obstacles?
  • *1820 , (Walter Scott), The Abbot :
  • *:But on half a minute's reflection, the damsel changed totally her attitude and manner, folded her cloak around her arms in modest and maidenlike fashion, and walked of her own accord to the presence of the great man.
  • Synonyms

    * maidenly